Are the books in a series? What’s the series order?

The books aren’t in a series. None of them involve the same characters. The only “order” you might want to read them in is the order of publication. (The Spanish and Japanese translations are numbered in the order that they were published.)

“Chew” sounds like it could be a Chinese name. Was she Chinese?

No, she was not Chinese (or Korean, for that matter). You can read about the origins of the last name “Chew” at Ancestry.com.

Are there audio recordings of Ruth Chew’s books?

The Library of Congress has made six of Ruth Chew’s stories into audio books in a format called DAISY. These audio books are availble to people who have a key from the NLS (the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped). If you have a key, the audio books are available online from the Open Library, a project associated with the Internet Archive.The Ruth Chew titles offered by the Open Library are Royal Magic, Baked Beans for Breakfast, The Wednesday Witch, Summer Magic, What the Witch Left, and The Witch at the Window.

Are there e-books? Where can I download them?

Random House is publishing e-books alongside the new paperbacks and hardcovers. You can purchase the Ruth Chew e-books from online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.