Monthly Archives: February 2014

Books arrive from Spain

Mail is fun. International mail is even more fun. I just received the Spanish-language translations of three Ruth Chew books that I bought online, all from the same seller. They’re in good shape, so I’m pleased with the 25 Euros … Continue reading

Coming in August

Did you know that book publishers operate on a two-season year? Publishers organize their product line into two batches, a fall/winter batch and a spring/summer batch. At least, that was my experience working for Princeton University Press, and Random House … Continue reading

January 2014 books have arrived

Paperbacks: Hardcovers: Hardcover edition of Magic in the Park: Hardcover edition of The Trouble with Magic: Library editions:

Improved book profiles

The book profiles for the following Ruth Chew novels now have summaries as well as listings for characters, places and themes. Enjoy! The Trouble with MagicĀ  Witch’s Cat The Witch’s Garden The Magic Coin  

The internet gets bigger all the time

Once in a while I go poking around the internet trying to fill in the gaps in my knowledge about all the editions of Ruth Chew’s books. Sometimes it pays off, because the internet gets bigger all the time. Today … Continue reading