Summer Magic

Written and illustrated by Ruth Chew.
First published in 1977 by Scholastic Book Services.

Reading Level

Grade 2. Ages 7-10.


Sarah looked up. Someone was leaning over Timothy. It was an Indian. And he was holding a long knife!

My Summary

Siblings Sarah and Timothy go to visit the Brooklyn Museum, and are transported back in time to 1675 by a magic musk rose from the Botanic Garden in Prospect Park. They meet Vrouw and Heer Maarten (Jannetje and Hendrick), who live in a house on Mill Island, and who feed them dinner and invite them to stay overnight. They encounter a bear while picking berries, and get lost. They meet an Indian boy named Beaver while digging clams, and later help him use his canoe to rescue his family (Running Doe, Moonglow, Brave Eagle, and Star Watcher) from pirates. Star Watcher takes the children back to the Marten's house and throws some dried herbs on the fire to send them home.

Main Characters

Timothy and Sarah Standish (brother and sister)

Other Characters

Vrouw and Heer Maarten (Hendrick and Jannetje), Hans (their son), Beaver (an Indian boy), Running Doe (his sister), Brave Eagle (their father), Moonglow (their mother), Star Watcher (their grandfather), Tom and Jake (pirates)

Places Mentioned

Brooklyn, Prospect Park, Lookout Mountain, Brooklyn Museum, zoo, Botanic Garden, Flatbush Avenue, Mill Island, Flatlands, Gravesend Bay, Breuckelen, New Amersfoord, Church Avenue, Ocean Parkway


magic, time travel, rose, farming, farm animals, farmhouse, millhouse, clams, wampum, church, wooden shoes, blackberries, bear, swimming, pirates, canoe, archery, medicine man


For Nathaniel Edward Gloekler.

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