Monthly Archives: October 2013

Updated website launched!

You may have seen this website looking like the picture on the left as recently as yesterday. But now the design and technology have been updated a bit. Welcome to the new version of the site! There’s now a MailChimp … Continue reading

Big news!

Ruth Chew’s books are going to be republished! Two of them (No Such Thing as a Witch and What the Witch Left) are shipping NOW! Read the PW announcement: Random House to Reissue Ruth Chew’s Fantasy Oeuvre Read Elizabeth Bluemle’s … Continue reading

Collection status

The book collection recently grew with the addition of some new old books and the new Random House books. Here are all of the books in the collection together. The new books are at the front on the left; … Continue reading

Forthcoming e-book omnibus: Three Wishing Tales

Inside the new copies of No Such Thing as a Witch and What the Witch Left, I saw that there were not one but two e-book omnibuses being promoted. The second one, which I assume is going to be released … Continue reading

Unboxing the six new Random House books

Today I got the six books I ordered from Amazon. Why six? Because for each of the paper-and-ink titles, What the Witch Left and No Such Thing as a Witch, there is a paperback, a hardcover with dust jacket, and … Continue reading

Happy October!

It’s October and people are starting to pick out their costumes for Halloween. Why not get in the mood with a Ruth Chew story? Witches, black cats, flying broomsticks, big cauldrons, and magic, magic, magic![5173]【メーカー直送のため代引不可】 ラギオール ワイン ワインオープナー ラギオール?アン?オブラック マンモスクラストアイボリー … Continue reading