Monthly Archives: May 2015

Japanese series now has 21 books

I’ve updated the foreign editions page to reflect the fact that the series of Japanese translations of Ruth Chew’s books has hit 21 volumes as of April 2015. I only have the first nine, but apparently it’s possible to shop … Continue reading

Cover art for Secondhand Magic

It’s interesting that the hyphen in ‘second-hand’ has been dispensed with off and on in the various editions of this book. As it happens, I approve of leaving the hyphen out. preorder at Amazon preorder at Book Depository more about … Continue reading

Thanks for the “link”?

The Penguin / Random House website is now linking here! Sort of. That text isn’t clickable. Ah well. I’m happy as long as beats Wikipedia (and Amazon and Goodreads) in Google search results. Actually, you know what? I don’t … Continue reading