The Witch at the Window

Written and illustrated by Ruth Chew.
First published in 1984 by Scholastic Inc.

Reading Level

Sprache Readibility Formula: Readibility Level Grade 2.2. Ages 7-10.


Marjorie and Nick are sure they see a witch standing on the air conditioner outside the window. Then she disappears into thin air! That's just the beginning of some strange adventures for Marjorie and her brother. They meet a talking bird and then find the witch's book of magic spells. They can't wait to try the spell that will make them invisible… Marjorie and Nick are about to learn that magic can be a very tricky business.


When Nick and Marjorie find a large wooden spoon in the park, they find themselves in an adventure involving a talking starling, a witch, a hollow tree, and a book of magic spells.

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