Foreign editions

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This is a list of all the Ruth Chew books published in languages other than English. If you just want a list of the titles, visit the "about the books" page. If you want a list of all foreign and English editions, visit the "info for collectors" page.

Although many people only care about books in their native language, some people like to read books in other languages they are learning and some are crazy enough to want to collect books in languages they can't read. If you're interested in reading Ruth Chew in a foreign language or in merely learning about the foreign translations, this page is for you.

About the Japanese translations: Yoko Hinata, the translator of the nine Japanese editions, took on the translation project because she was already fond of Ruth Chew's books. Her eldest daughter had learned to read English by studying Ruth Chew's books when she and her family were living overseas. And her younger daughter also became a great Ruth Chew fan.