Peek inside a Ruth Chew ebook (The Witch’s Buttons)

All the newly printed Ruth Chew books are available as ebooks, and there are, so far, two three-book omnibus collections available, too. See a complete listing of the new books and e-books.

But what are the ebooks really like?

Many of us nostalgic book-readers are suspicious of these new-fangled e-readers, so we don’t really know much about them. Paper books are awesome enough, are they not?

But did you know that you can read Amazon’s Kindle books on a free ap without buying a Kindle? They’ll even let you download samples of Ruth Chew’s books while considering an e-book purchase. I know, because that’s what I finally did!

Below are screenshots from the Kindle ap running on my desktop computer of the cover and some of the interior pages of the Kindle ebook of The Witch’s Buttons, showing how well the illustrations reproduce and how you can change the font size. Enjoy!

0-cover 1-contents ch1 ch-1narrow ch3

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